Request an Accommodation

Before you Begin…

Please Note: We are happy to help you with your accommodation requests, but please keep in mind that accommodations cannot be processed until Excelsior College receives complete documentation of your disability.

Visit Excelsior College’s Accessibility Services page for complete policy and resource information, including documentation requirements.

The Online Accommodation Request Process:

  • Complete all the steps on the following page. The form will prompt you for any missing required information.
  • This window is the request for a single course/exam. Step 7 asks if you would like to apply for an additional course/exam. If you choose "Yes" and click ""Continue", a new page will appear. Each page follows the same format allowing for a total of 4 accommodation requests. If you chose "No", the "Continue" button will submit the form.
  • Review each page of your request before you continue to the next page.
  • Attach appropriate supporting documentation if available.
  • Submit the request.

* red asterisks indicate a mandatory field.

In addition to determining your eligibility, we may use this information for research purposes.  In no cases, however, will an individual be identified by name in research studies.